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Licence for employing foreign labour and work permit for foreign nationals in Uzbekistan

A foreign citizen entering the Republic of Uzbekistan to work, is entitled to work in the  Republic of Uzbekistan only if he holds a work permit and provided his employer holds a special license for employment of foreign nationals.

To obtain a license, an employer should apply to the authorised state agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Agency of external labour migration) by submitting the following documents:

  • the application;
  • a draft contract or other documents confirming the preliminary agreement on intention to employ a foreign citizen and on terms and conditions of employment reached between foreign nationals or foreign companies and the applicant;
  • Profile of a foreign specialist with a photograph;
  • Bank receipt confirming payment of a license fee (which amounts to 10 minimum monthly wages in Uzbekistan) and other necessary documents requested by the authorised state agency;
  • Certificate confirming absence of HIV infection.

The decision on granting the license is made by the agency within 30 days from the date of application.

Having obtained the license to hire foreign labour force in the Republic of Uzbekistan, employer can conclude a preliminary contract of employment with a foreign citizen residing abroad for a specific job.

Once the employer holds the license and the employment contract has been signed, the employer or his legal representative should, as a sponsor, apply the state agency for a work permit for his potential employee – foreign citizen. The application fee for the work permit amounts to10 minimum monthly wages in Uzbekistan.

The license is issued for a term of one year. Accordingly the work permit is granted for a term of nor more than one year, subject to the foreign employee’s visa expiry date, with a possibility of further extension.

Established mandatory procedures for the issuance of the license and work permit for the right to work are not applicable to foreign nationals who are founders and shareholders of joint ventures or companies operating or set up in the Republic of Uzbekistan, staying in the country up to 3 months.

The procedure of getting licence that allows to employ foreign nationals, as well as getting a work permit that allows a foreign national to work in Uzbekistan may turn out to be difficult and time-consuming. Gulyamov, Sadikov and Partners Law Firm provides services to employers in obtaining the license for employment of foreign nationals and in getting work permits for foreign nationals, that arrived or intend to arrive with the purpose of working in Uzbekistan.